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Work & Study Diploma Baking Course in Patisserie (UK)

21 months (18 months practical + 3 months internship – Malaysia)
24 months (18 months practical + 6 months internship – Singapore)

Lesson: Friday and Saturday
Time: 9.00am – 2.00pm or 1.30pm – 6.30pm

Course Fees Inclusive
Text Book, utensils, ingredients, Chef’s uniform, nozzle, apron, insurance and student ID card.

Courses Included

Theory Content

  • Safety at work
  • Hygiene at work
  • Kitchen maintenance and design
  • Ingredients knowledge
  • Budget, Costing, Control
  • Preparation of desserts
  • Preparation of cakes
  • Preparation of meringue products
  • Preparation of gelatin set products
  • Preparation of egg set products
  • Preparation of cookies
  • Preparation of frozen products
  • Preparation of bread
  • Preparation of creams and glazes

  • Preparation of decorative mediums

We accept local and international students.

Course Fees
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