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Chef Daniel Choong

Principal Chef Daniel Choong

He is a specialist in Patisserie and has extensive years of experience in teaching. Coming from a background of Patisserie and Culinary expertise, he exudes extraordinary skills in creating and making Royal Icing Wedding Cakes among other patisserie products.

Having experiences in setting and running a cake shop, Chef Daniel Choong is one of the best mentors for students who wish to open up a cake shop/café. He is also open to advice students who wish to complete in the Culinaire Challenges locally and internationally.

As many people have known Chef Daniel Choong, he is a lecturer who is concerned about his students, well-connected with the people in the field of Baking & Culinary Arts, willing to help, patient, approachable, passionate, artistic, persistent, Patisserie-savvy, knowledgeable and experienced.

With more than 30 years of experience in Baking & Culinary Arts, he has received:

Gold Award
3-Tier Wedding Cake Competition in the FHA2006 Culinary Challenge (Singapore).
Gold Award
Class 10 Wedding Cake Competition in the Culinaire FHM2005 (Malaysia).
Silver Award
All Malaysia 3-Dimensional Cake Creative Decorating in 2002 (Malaysia).

Chef Daniel Choong has also authored 2 books entitled Baked and Steamed Bun (2009) and Season Cake (2007).

We accept local and international students.

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